ICCA Database Research

Helping you find the right people to do business with


SFA are active members of ICCA and have been working on the ICCA database since 2006. We therefore have the experience and expertise to quickly identify suitable conferences that could come to your city or destination. As an ICCA member, we have access to detailed and up-to-date calendars of past and future international association meetings, including information on meeting room requirements and conference bidding procedures. Having access to the ICCA database also enables SFA to research and identify potential local ambassadors and make introductions on your behalf to these ambassadors. Using us to provide this service enables you to get maximum benefit from the ICCA database and improve the effectiveness of your Ambassador Programmes. The database is frequently updated, with new ‘call for bids’ announced on a weekly basis. Using SFA can therefore help you to make sure that your city or destination is ahead of your competitors when it comes to putting forward conference bids.

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