Ambassador Programme Support

A well-planned Ambassador programme will help win a larger share of international association meetings.

Ambassador Programme Support

"An “Ambassador” in the context of the meetings industry is “a person of knowledge and stature, influential in their field, who can act as a representative of a destination and is prepared to work with local meetings professionals to secure conference business for that destination" (ICCA).

"An “Ambassador Programme” is “a planned set of activities, tools and support services designed by local meetings professionals to assist Ambassadors to attract meetings to a city of country, and to assist those Ambassadors to create a legacy benefit for the destination and/or the local hosts of the meetings" (ICCA).

SFA work with venues and destinations to develop effective Conference Ambassador Programmes, whether clients are looking for advice on starting up a programme or expanding their existing programme. We can help to integrate the programme with the client’s overall strategic plan for attracting international association meetings. This is a very specialist area and can be an extremely productive way of maximising revenue from the international association meetings sector.

SFA’s services in this area link very closely to our lead generation services. We are extremely experienced at utilising the ICCA database and have an excellent track record of successfully generating leads in this sector by identifying key contacts who we can work with to attract a conference to a destination. 

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