Lead Generation

"A lead is a qualified potential buyer who shows some level of interest in purchasing your product or solution" 

Lead generation

Lead generation is much more than just finding a buyer. It is about nurturing and building a relationship with that lead and finding out how and when they are ready to buy. This will eventually increase the lead-to-opportunity conversion rate and drive more revenue. It is crucial to find the right buyers at the right time; lead generation brings buyers into the funnel, and lead nurturing and scoring sends them to sales so that a client's sales team can close the deal at the right time.

SFA are specialists in lead generation and nurturing and have a proven track record of providing this service to a variety of clients in the Meetings Industry to help them win business. We have extensive experience of utilising the ICCA database but also have our own bespoke comprehensive database of leads in both the Association and Corporate Sectors to identify events that could be brought to a preferred destination. We have an excellent track record of successfully generating leads using these resources.

Five Step Process

To generate well-developed, targeted new leads, SFA have established a five-step lead generation system which consistently delivers high-quality leads for clients on time and on budget: 


Firstly, we work to uncover new business opportunities for a client by identifying events tailored to your campaign and compiling an accurate list of their key decision makers and meeting history. Drawing on ICCA, SFA’s own source material and the client’s existing database if preferred, we have a detailed record of which events are likely to come to your destination and which associations or corporations could make use of your products and services. 


Whilst sourcing and identifying events for a client’s campaign, we ensure all data we gather matches a client’s criteria in terms of event history, its size, type, market sector and location. We keep a record of our contact history and the status of the lead to guarantee the in-depth qualification of data is maintained.


Our team is highly skilled in telesales and email correspondence to actively engage with and encourage the decision makers of an association or corporation to consider a client’s products and services. SFA engage decision makers in real, unscripted conversations to uncover business constraints and priorities, match benefits and identify genuine needs.


We nurture a steady crop of qualified leads up to the point that an event’s key executives want to engage directly with a client’s sales team. Detailed notes are made and recorded in our personal database of all contact history including observations on any buying patterns, decision-making criteria, concerns, bid timeframes, committee meetings etc.


After we have built a pipeline of qualified opportunities, engaged with the event’s key decision makers and received a positive response, we will hand over the record details as a Lead to the client’s sales team in order for them to set up a telephone appointment or a meeting face-to-face. We will write a full report on every new lead’s buying profile and provide recommendations for a strategic approach by the client’s key stakeholders. 

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