Intellectual Capital/Sector Research

Database Cleansing and List Development

In order to successfully engage a potential Ambassador or Corporate buyer and to attract a conference business to any city or destination, SFA believe that it is important to be able to put forward a strong business case for holding an event or a conference in that city. An effective lead generation campaign should therefore focus on a city or town's wealth in knowledge and 'human capital' and then target individuals and conferences within those areas. One of the most important parts of SFA's services is therefore to conduct desk research into a city's market sector strengths.

This desk research requires particular skills. Despite the advances in search engine intelligence and website design, it is often difficult to sift through vast amounts of information to find the most relevant and reliable sources in a productive and time-efficient manner. SFA have extensive experience in this area and are skilled at locating relevant information according to the client's needs.

SFA use two approaches for drilling down and digging out the relevant information from the internet: one is directly browsing the publicly available information from the websites of city support organisations and inward investment agencies. The other is the use of websites of the main universities, institutes, research centres and knowledge hubs, which we cross reference to uncover niche specialisms for each sector.

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