SFA offer one-on-one or group training workshops. These workshops are bespoke and customised to a client’s needs and level of experience of the participants. The training courses are run in a ‘workshop’ style, meaning they are fairly informal and practical, but also very interactive and engaging. They will offer the tools and tips to help sales and research staff within a venue, hotel or convention bureau to achieve maximum results.

The courses form the perfect mix between theory and ‘hands-on’ practice. For example, we will conduct a ‘dummy’ city site inspection or arrange a meeting with a potential ‘local host’ or Association headquarters, offering practical ideas and thoughtful suggestions that are appropriate to each participant. Our training programmes give our clients the opportunity to reach peak service excellence and benefit from our years of experience. This is particularly useful for staff that are new to the industry, clients that have insufficient internal resources to offer this level of training expertise or those who just want to take the opportunity to supplement or refresh existing knowledge.

Topics covered could include all or some of the following:

  • How to win your share of Association Business
  • Understanding the importance of international associations, key sectors and the business development process. How can ICCA help?
  • Insights into Ambassador Programmes and how to set one up. Why, what, where and how?
  • Best practice and guidelines regarding the bidding process, its operation and submission
  • Overview of Ambassadors and local hosts: their importance, dealing with gatekeepers and opening lines of communication
  • Project management of the bidding process
  • The importance of local organising committees and how to steer
  • Bidding techniques

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